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Friday, September 5

How to pay Online Electricity Bill in Madhya Pradesh

How to pay Online Electricity Bill in Madhya Pradesh

Procedure for Online Electricity Bill Payment of Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited

MP residents can now pay their electricity bills online at their own convenience from home or office by credit card. The MP MKVVCL (Madhya Pradesh Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited) has stared online electricity bills for the electricity consumers of various regions in Madhya Pradesh.

The process is so simple just visit the official website follow the guidelines and pay your bill by Credit Card. No need to stand in a long queue for making your electricity bill payments.

Now in MP, Madhya Pradesh you can pay online electricity bills of the following areas in Madhya Pradesh.

MP Bhopal city's Areas where Electricity Consumers can pay Online Electricity bill

Bhopal governed. / Under Khajuri road maintenance division, Itkedi, Prvlia Road, Dry Sevnia, Gunga, Misrod, Berasia, Llria, Njirabad and all electricity consumers under Danishkunj distribution center

MP Electricity Consumers of Mandideep Division who can pay online electricity bill

For paying online electricity bill you need to visit the official website of MP Online Limited which is a portal of Government of Madhya Pradesh to make the online electricity bills payment in Madhya Pradesh.

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