Tuesday, September 4

Dream Homes have become nightmares for the residents of Divine Meadows in sector 108

Helpless Middle Class Home Buyers are still at the mercy of the Builders - Hapless Residents called cops to resolve the issues

  • Management of Divine Meadows sector 108 forcefully locked the gate, called bouncers to deny entry exit to the residents

  • Residents of Prateek Wisteria in sector 77 protested against the hike in maintenance charges called the police

The harassment of home buyers by the builders continue even when the state and central governments have assured the buyers that they will get their dream homes registered soon. Thousands of buyers who have booked their flats years ago are still being harassed and looted by builders. There are many builders who have given possession to the flat owners but the work is still underway and they have not been able to procure OC for their projects.

Many families are living in partially completed projects without completion certificate have deal with day to day life threats. The open electric wires, under-construction work, no fire fighting systems, no proper security, no garbage management and many other issues with which the buyers have to deal with on daily basis

The residents of Divine Meadows sector 108 were denied the access to one gate through the club by the builder. The gate had been closed by the builder for over 2 months citing some construction work. The residents told that this was an excuse by the builder and no such repair or construction took place for 2 months. 

The residents when asked the management to open the gate they refused to do so and instead called around 8 bouncers who stood guard the gate and stopped the residents for using that gate

The buyers of Divine Meadows society located in sector 108 had to call the Police on September 3, when the management had called the bouncers who threatened the residents when they tried to open the gate

This is the gate where most of the school buses drop the kids. Due to the forceful closure of this gate by the management few months ago, the kids had to walk around half a km to reach their homes be it scorching summer heat or heavy rains these days.

The Noida Police has assured the residents that the gate will remain open and the residents will not face any problem now onward.

On the same day Prateek Wisteria had to call the Police to resolve the maintenance issues with the builder. The maintenance charge have been increased from 2.70/Sqft to 3.25/Sq feet by simply pasting a notice on the board. After the police came the builder has assured the residents that they will review the hike and get back to residents after 15 days. According to the residents The builder is also not willing to handover the maintenance to the apartment owners

The Police did a good job and tried to resolve the issues of the residents here but the question is will these builders comply to what police says?? Do they follow the norms set by the governments?? Do these builders fear law??

The builder's men had promised Dr Mahesh Sharma, the honorable union minister that the gate will be opened within few days. However it fell into the deaf years of the builder.

As per the govt. norms, Genset chimney must be higher than the height of the building. However, in case of Divine Meadows no such rules have been followed. Residents are forced to inhale the toxic smoke which is causing serious health related problems in the children and elderly people and they are falling ill very frequently.

Dr Mahesh Sharma had given 7 days to the builder to comply with the environmental norms even then the builder here also did not bother to install chimneys

Below are just a few news cuttings out of the millions where our leaders courts have warned them to abide by the law. But despite all these news and actions by our administrations we don't see any improvement.

FIRs were lodged against them, courts and UP CM has warned these builders so many time but there is no respite to the buyers.

Is this because now the politics is only meant for the Dalits and Minorities? The governments will only work for a votebank? What is the fault of the middle class tax payers?? Are they ignored because these people are law abiding citizens, pay their taxes, do not create ruckus on the streets or roads. It is high time that governments listen to the plight of the salaried middle class who are the highest contributors to the exchequer. 

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