Friday, July 28

Mind you, they are Trollowers not Followers

The Reality of Twitter Celebrities, followed less trolled more

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I was just going through my Twitter Account and looked at the profiles of various people on Twitter who sometimes make headlines even on the National News Channels. I was surprised why so much of importance given to the venom spewing Tweets of such people.

Many of them boasts of thousands of followers and feel that they have become celebrities but after analyzing and observing their tweets and more importantly the reactions to the tweets I have come to the conclusion that they have MORE TROLLOWERS THAN FOLLOWERS.

An MP or a politician who is followed on Twitter by say 500k persons actually have much less supporters than the Trollers who outweigh in numbers. There are thousands of Trollowers with fake Ids and their motto is to criticize each and every tweet of that person.

Some News Anchors, Journalists, Editors, so called self proclaimed authors of best seller books sometimes tweet anything which may be against the national interest but they get away in the name of freedom of speech. However such people are trolled more and even abused in the replies by some genuine and some fake Twitterazzis.

The irony is that whenever a person tweets something anti national is given space in the news headlines. This gives him/her publicity which he/she don't deserve at all.

Hello all netas, TV anchors, Journalists, Chhut Bhayias, don't be so happy when you see thousands of followers on Twitter. Work on ground and do some favour to the country. Mind you, it is easy to add fake followers and many companies assist in adding followers to your account in lieu of money. Have you ever thought what are you you gaining out of this.

A venom spewing tweet of yours give you the taste of your own medicine. You are trolled left right and center. The trollowers will not spare you.

A Neta should have real followers in his constituency then only he will be called a Neta. A journalist or anchor should not do politics, rather he or she should be concentrating on the real job. But since by saying something. A film star should concentrate on his films and should tweet about the same

I am sure you are aware of what you get when you do mudslinging in your tweets. Some of you must have gone into depression by seeing such Trolls and Trollowers. In such a state of mind your tweets start deteriorating and so the trolling. Don't get caught in this vicious cycle

Live your life happily and love your country. Contribute something positive towards the mankind instead of living this way

Again keep in mind that they are TROLLOWERS NOT YOUR FOLLOWERS. They will take you to a ride and screw your happiness if you are trying to damage the reputation of someone.

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