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Why opposition is finding it difficult to tackle Modi


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This is a free advice to opposition parties from a common man and a citizen who supports Modi. Congress, opposition parties and their supporters are putting in their best efforts to revive their respective parties but somehow have not been able to get the desired result. Despite running huge anti Modi campaigns why these parties are unable to make even a small dent on BJP? I firmly believe that we should have a strong opposition with a logical narrative that should keep the government always on its toes.
Here are my observations why the opposition has failed to challenge BJP. This is my personal opinion and if you like it I will be happy if you don't, you have right to disagree.

Stop calling names to BJP voters.

More than 80 percent of BJP voters have nothing to do with RSS, VHP and other such organizations. They voted BJP because of the development model they projected in front of the nation. This large population believes that Modi is committed to reforms that will ultimately lead to a developed country.
If any citizen of the country says something good about his/her PM or BJP Government, he is immediately labeled a Bhakt, Sanghi or Modi propagandist. Here the opposition is faltering; calling names to a citizen who respects his/her PM is not helping their cause.
Keep in mind that the public have voted him to power, so nobody has the right to label persons just because he respects and values the nation's leader. Hurting sentiments without any logic means losing votes

Stop Blaming Modi for everything
There are many social issues and problems in our country since ages. It will take few more generations to come out of such problems. A magic wand is required to make India free from these social issues.

A road rage is not a cast fight or communal fight. However if the victim happens to be a Dalit or from minority community the opposition thinks they have got a good issue. They will start beating the drum that Modi is responsible for all this. Modi should resign blab bla.
If someone is denied any help due to a corrupt officer in a locality, Modi is responsible directly. Yes the corrupt system need to be dealt with strictly but we all know that it is so deep-rooted that will take some time

Selectively picking the issues is not helping their cause either

Opposition also needs to see the pulse of the common man. When Modi is visiting another country and addressing people over there, meeting the top dignitaries, businessmen and heads of other countries the general public and the NRIs feel proud that their PM is getting so much of respect there. The opposition is again faltering here. Don’t say words against the PM when the public at large is supporting the PM.

In a locality there is water problem, electricity issues, roads, traffic, healthcare etc etc. opposition will shout out loud on social media Modi responsible. In fact these are the opportunities for opposition to score points in public. Go to the ground level, help people resolve the issues in order to change their mindset and vote you. Just raising the issues in media, social media and doing nothing is not going to help the opposition.

Either the opposition will highlight the issues on social media or gather somewhere and shout slogans against the government. It is better to work at the ground, interact with the public, and help them to get their work done. Twitter, Face book, heated debates on TV will have little impact.

Stop Fake Propaganda
In today’s day and age when everybody has access to internet on phone spreading something fake will boomerang. You try to spread a fake news and fake propaganda and within minutes the public will show you the mirror. Everyone is mature enough to understand what is true and what is fake. The fake news, abusive language will highlight you in the public but can never fetch you votes. The voter is smart enough you know that.

How can someone think of spreading FAKE propaganda in today’s world? Gone are the days now, the new generation and millennial hate the propaganda politics. They want logic in a narrative.

The fake news stories will not work in the future as the Indian public is well informed and intelligent now. You cannot make fool out of them now, gone are the days when the politicians befooled them for votes.

Stop Appeasement Politics
The opposition should understand that appeasing a particular minority community for votes is not going to help now. The community has also understood that they were treated a mere vote bank and nothing has been done for their betterment. Appeasing a minority community means losing votes of the majority community. Be secular and that doesn’t mean you have to appease a particular community. The only agenda that will work in the future would be development. The youth of this country is literate now and want to see a developed nation without and cast or religion politics.  

Playing the communal card by the opposition is going to cost them dear as the more they will try to appease the minority the more this country will see polarization and that is going to help BJP as they will get more support from the majority community in this country.

Stop Abusive language
Generally people who have failed and are left with no logic start using derogatory and abusive words. Abusive language by the opposition against the PM, government, ministers gives the indication that they have no narrative and out of frustration the opposition is using abusive words or trying to demean the PM or top leaders. Need to maintain certain decorum and discipline in front of the public from whom you are asking for votes.

Way Forward
The propaganda managers of all the parties who are working day and night on Facebook and social media to demean each other should be trained again as they have already exposed themselves in the eye of general public. Their campaigns are not working now.
The only way out is to reach to the people, talk to them but talk sense and help them overcome their problems rather than lecturing them or abusing the government. Work on the states where you are in power and showcase it to the public while asking for the votes.
Rest it is up to the parties how they are going to strategize their future campaigns.

Rajesh Rana

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