Wednesday, September 20

Can an opposition with logical fallacies stop BJP in 2019?

Want to stop BJP?? Start working for People now

In a democracy like India opposition parties has a big role to play. An opposition is must in our country so that they can bring to notice the issues and challenges the country is facing. However after 2014 when Modi government came to power the meaning of opposition has changed now. Yes it is true that opposition should oppose the government but reacting to everything that government does is not helping the cause of the opposition. 

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There is no alternative narrative, no leader with the mass appeal, no logical debates and people of the country understand very well which move by the government is in their favour and which is not.  

The likes of Congress, Samajwadis, Owaisis, Communists and others have decided that they are going to target the PM for whatever is happening in this country.

India is a hugely populated country and every day we witness thousands of incidents like family disputes, fights and clashes among groups, robberies, road rages, and murders and such incidents are happening from ages. India is a country where you will find people from all religions, casts, and creeds and obviously these people are involved in the incidents.

However the opposition parties and a section of media will cherry pick an incident where a Dalit or a Minority is involved and will start highlighting the issues as if the government is against this section of people. Is this the alternative narrative by which they are going to bring down the government and get votes in the next elections?

Reacting to every move by the government without providing any concrete logic is not working in the favour of the opposition

Playing the communal card by the opposition is going to cost them dear as the more they will try to appease the minority the more this country will see polarization and that is going to help BJP as they will get more support from the majority community in this country.

The minority community is also fed up with the vote bank politics and now wants development and upliftment in the society. Various parties have been using them as vote bank only and have never worked for their betterment.

If you ask my opinion then I firmly believe that we should have a strong opposition which can challenge any wrong move by the government intelligently. The agendas of our opposition need to be changed and they should introspect and come up with narratives which are helpful for the common man and to the country.

The leaders Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Rahul Gandhi, Owaisi, Yadavs, and others should understand that having some few millions followers on twitter will not earn you votes. Mind it most of your followers are trollowers (trollers) who are there to abuse you.

So come out of twitter, go to ground zero meet people, listen to their issues and try to solve them and help them. When you are in the public the focus should be to help them and dare you spew the venom the public will find it annoying and you will lose votes.

Congress still has its governments in many states. It should rather focus on the developments of these states and highlight their work at the national level if they really want to win the confidence back. There is no other option but to work for the public at the ground level rather than blabbering on twitter or Facebook.

The fake news stories will not work in the future as the Indian public is well informed and intelligent now. You cannot make fool out of them now, gone are the days when the politicians befooled them for votes.

The propaganda managers of all the parties who are working day and night on Facebook and social media to demean each other should be trained again as they have already exposed themselves in the eye of general public. Their campaigns are not working now.

The only way out is to reach to the people, talk to them but talk sense and help them overcome their problems rather than lecturing them or abusing the government. Work on the states where you are in power and showcase it to the public while asking for the votes.

Rest it is up to the parties how they are going to strategize their future campaigns

 Rajesh Rana

Wednesday, August 30

Landsdown Travel information - Delhi to Landsdowne trip

How to Reach Landsdowne from Delhi - Driving Directions to Landsdowne

Lansdowne is a small but a very beautiful hill stations in Garwal region of Uttarakhand. The serene landscapes, lush green pine trees, pollution free atmosphere will leave you amazed in this amazing hill station of Landsdowne. 
Landsdowne is a famous cantonment area and a big training center of Army. regiment.
  • Elevation of Landsdown
    • 1,700 m
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Monday, July 31

Punjabi Virsa - One of the best restaurants in UNA on the highway


While traveling from Delhi Chandigarh to Himachal Pradesh there is one place where you should definitely take a break for some time, relax and have your meals. This is Punjabi Virsa in UNA Himachal Pradesh. 

Normally when you start driving from Delhi in the morning it will take about 7-8 hours to reach Una. make sure that you must stop by on this restaurant located on the highway known as Punjabi Virsa

I am writing this special article just on Punjabi Virsa because I was so amazed by the hospitality, delicious food, its ambiance. I was traveling last week with my family and by chance had a stop over at Virsa for dinner while on the way to Dharamshala from Delhi. 

We had our lunch in the afternoon at a very famous restaurant on the GT Karnal Highway but despite paying huge amount we were not at all satisfied with the quality and services of that restaurant. It 

By dinner time we were nearing UNA and after we had crossed Mehatpur and as we were looking for a good option we saw PUNJABI VIRSA on our right side.  I had never been to this place earlier but decided to give it a try. As soon as we entered the Restaurant the staff welcomed us with smiles and greetings. They were serving other customers with the same passion and smile on their faces.

We ordered some snacks and north Indian food. The Food was served to us in no time and was very delicious. I would say that the food quality was really good and much much better than many of those famous chains on Chandigarh nangal Una kangra Highway.

This made us forget our bad experience in the afternoon. We asked for little leftover food to be packed and staff was happy to comply. Altogether it was a great experience at Punjabi Virsa.

Special mention and thanks to Mr Sanjay Katoch 

To sum up my experience I would highly recommend Punjabi Virsa to all who are looking for a better option for Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner on the Chandigarh Nangal Una Hamirpur Kangra Dharamshala  

What else you want when you are on a long drive and want to relax for some time? You will get very quick service, the interiors of the restaurant are very high class and comfortable. The food quality and service is excellent. There are managers who keep watch on the service. Virsa's washrooms are extremely clean and tidy. Outdoor seating is available. Ample car parking. Best for quick bite when on the move. Highly recommended.

Above all the prices were reasonable. 

Friday, July 28

Mind you, they are Trollowers not Followers

The Reality of Twitter Celebrities, followed less trolled more

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I was just going through my Twitter Account and looked at the profiles of various people on Twitter who sometimes make headlines even on the National News Channels. I was surprised why so much of importance given to the venom spewing Tweets of such people.

Many of them boasts of thousands of followers and feel that they have become celebrities but after analyzing and observing their tweets and more importantly the reactions to the tweets I have come to the conclusion that they have MORE TROLLOWERS THAN FOLLOWERS.

An MP or a politician who is followed on Twitter by say 500k persons actually have much less supporters than the Trollers who outweigh in numbers. There are thousands of Trollowers with fake Ids and their motto is to criticize each and every tweet of that person.

Some News Anchors, Journalists, Editors, so called self proclaimed authors of best seller books sometimes tweet anything which may be against the national interest but they get away in the name of freedom of speech. However such people are trolled more and even abused in the replies by some genuine and some fake Twitterazzis.

The irony is that whenever a person tweets something anti national is given space in the news headlines. This gives him/her publicity which he/she don't deserve at all.

Hello all netas, TV anchors, Journalists, Chhut Bhayias, don't be so happy when you see thousands of followers on Twitter. Work on ground and do some favour to the country. Mind you, it is easy to add fake followers and many companies assist in adding followers to your account in lieu of money. Have you ever thought what are you you gaining out of this.

A venom spewing tweet of yours give you the taste of your own medicine. You are trolled left right and center. The trollowers will not spare you.

A Neta should have real followers in his constituency then only he will be called a Neta. A journalist or anchor should not do politics, rather he or she should be concentrating on the real job. But since by saying something. A film star should concentrate on his films and should tweet about the same

I am sure you are aware of what you get when you do mudslinging in your tweets. Some of you must have gone into depression by seeing such Trolls and Trollowers. In such a state of mind your tweets start deteriorating and so the trolling. Don't get caught in this vicious cycle

Live your life happily and love your country. Contribute something positive towards the mankind instead of living this way

Again keep in mind that they are TROLLOWERS NOT YOUR FOLLOWERS. They will take you to a ride and screw your happiness if you are trying to damage the reputation of someone.