Thursday, January 14

Can we really Earn money online - Be aware of the online money fraud

Make Money Online but be ware of online cheats
Everyone in this world want to make money, in fact more and more money. All of us encounter number of ads in the internet and newspapers about making money while sitting at home. I am really surprised by the claims they make, like earning thousands of Dollars in an hour at home, by data entry jobs, content development etc.etc. The temptation of the individuals to make quick money and that too from the comfort of the home is such that many people fall prey to such ads and end up losing their hard earned money.

People need to think that earning money is not simple. An engineer has to spend 12 hours with his employer to earn 30000 Rupees in a month. A doctor spends the same time to earn a salary of 30000 rupees and above. Computer operator works hard to make 20000 rupees a month. BPO worker works the entire night in a call center and draws a salary of 25000 per month. Even a top CEO works for over 12 hours every day to earn his salary. An auto Rickshaw driver is on the roads for 12-15 hours to earn his living.

People who believe these tall claims of earning money online without putting in much efforts just think twice. First you need to understand that earning money online is not an easy task. If someone is claiming he can help you earn thousands of dollars online in a matter of few weeks, then he is simply making fool out of you.

Can I earn money online
The answer to this question is yes. Yes you can make money online but you need to understand that only your dedication and hard work can help you make money online. Firstly do not fall prey to the sites who are making tall claims. They will ask you to pay some amount before they will give you job to do at home. Asking for some amount itself raises the doubt about the credibility of that company or website. Just think that why in this earth someone will ask for money first. If you want to get your Television repaired by a mechanic will you first ask him to pay you some amount and then repair your TV? Will he repair your TV with this condition? Then what is the intention of these sites and why they are asking for a registeration amount?

Even if some of them are genuine I tell you one thing that still you will feel cheated because after registeration the job that you would be given will be such that you would not be able to recover even your registeration amount. You will feel cheated and will leave that online job in frustration.

How can I earn Online
The simplest way to start with without any investment is blogs. You can make a blog and associate it with google adsense to make money online. The way to start is very simple but remember that making money is not easy. You need to have a passion to write. The blog you are writing should have the original content and not copied from other sources or websites. It could be a part time or full time. There is no substitute to hard work. The bloggers who earn thousands of dollars every month through adsense work for 10-12 hours in a day to get the fruitful results. If there are 100 bloggers for an example there are only handful of them who earn a decent amount, the reason as I told you is the dedication and passion to write.

There are some genuine sites where you can contribute your articles and associate your google adsense account with them also.

Always keep in mind that you need to put in lot of hard work and efforts to earn money online.

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