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Hamid Ansari - First Muslim PM of India?

Tharoor and Ansari - Is there any Game plan behind this outburst?

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If BJP wins in 2019 India will become Hindu Pakistan, democracy won’t survive if BJP wins in 2019 says Shashi Tharoor, the congress MP from Kerala.

All of a sudden we have witnessed a spur in such kind of anti BJP statements from various congress leaders

Earlier the senior congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge took a jibe at Modi by saying that Chaiwala could become PM because congress preserved the democracy in India. Rahul Gandhi is meeting the Muslim leaders to appease the minority vote bank.

And now we see Hamid Ansari the Ex Vice President appeared on media after a long time continued from where he left. The Muslims feel insecure in the Modi regime he has said before retirement. And now the former VP backs AIMPLB’s proposal of pan-Inda Sharia Courts.

“People are confusing social practices with the legal system. Our law recognises that each community can have its own rules. The personal law in India covers marriage, divorce, adoption, and inheritance. Each community has a right to practice its own personal laws,” Ansari said while responding to a question on Shariat courts.

Ansari also backed the students of the Aligarh Muslim University for protesting against the removal of the portrait of Pakistan’s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah. If we can have Victoria Memorial why can’t we have portrait of Jinnah

Mr Ansari is an intellectual and has served as a diplomat in many countries. Very small percentage of Muslims goes for higher studies in India. The living condition of majority of Muslims is also not very good as compared to other communities. Various parties after Independence have used the Muslims as vote bank without helping their cause. 

Ansari is one of the few Muslims who worked hard to reach this position and after retirement he should have worked towards the development of the community. Ansari is well aware of the fact that almost 50% of Muslim population in India is illiterate. He should have helped Muslims by setting up of schools colleges for their children, modernizing the madarsas, development of Muslim colonies and Ghetaos and many other productive things.

Do we smell a bigger game plan here? The opposition is very clear that despite so many differences and different ideologies they have to come together in 2019 if they really want to tackle BJP and Modi. However the only confusion in the mind of public will be about the leader. 

Who will lead the Mahagathbandhan? Who will be the PM candidate of United Opposition? Akhilesh Yadav, Mulayam Singh, Mamata Bannerjee, Sharad Pawar,Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, HD Devegauda, KCR or someone from south? None of the parties have revealed their cards yet. 

The perception created among the public is that the one with most number of seats will become PM
We also hear murmurs from the likes of Pawar and Mamata about their inhibitions to accept Rahul Gandhi as the leader of Mahagathbandhan.

Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav are still mum but there is some internal rift about seat sharing between them. However both are not very keen to share seats with INC.

What does congress do now? It’s a grand old party and very good at doing politics when we compare with other regional parties. How can they achieve the objective to stop Modi in 2019 and still rule Inda?

They may be reduced to 44 but still eyeing to rule India after 2019. Congress is aware that it is an uphill task and a masterstroke would be required to topple this government in 2019

The Grand United Opposition has hope that together they can prevent BJP from forming the government in 2019. In that case everyone feels that there will be a rift between the parties for PM candidate.

Hamid Ansari as a PM Candidate??
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The masterstroke by congress would be to project a candidate who would be acceptable to all. Who better than Hamid Ansari? The opposition parties who appease Muslim vote bank will not be in a position to turn down this offer. Congress will again gain some ground and will boast of making Hamid Ansari the first Muslim PM of India. Are we in the process of making another accidental PM after MMS?

All the parties have already pulled up their socks and are all out in the battleground for 1019. The Indian public in this day and age is much aware and understands what is good or bad for the country. They will chose their PM and government accordingly. The battle of 2019 is definitely going to be very interesting with all the parties trying to woo the public with their agenda and promises

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