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RE 60 from Bajaj 35KMPL Cheapest Car

RE 60 from Bajaj – The cheapest Car with 35 Km mileage
The small car Tata Nano has a competitor now. Bajaj Auto has unveiled yet another small wonder car which would be a low-emission car. The Car from Bajaj is named RE 60 and was unveiled in 2012 Auto Expo in New Delhi.

RE 60 Car from Bajaj have many advantages. It is highly fuel efficient (35-40 KMPL) and at the same time is low emission car. These are is the key factors on which Bajaj Auto is banking on to make its foray into the small car segment a huge success.
According to the makers of RE 60, the car has high fuel-efficiency ratios. According to Bajaj spokespersons RE 60 has hit 40kmpl under test conditions. The company claims that under the actual driving situations in Indian roads the mileage of RE 60 should be above 35kmpl.
Bajaj RE 60 has body colored bumpers and offers excellent funky wheels. The interiors of RE 60 have a central speedometer cluster. RE 60 offers folding front windows and also a 44-litre boot space. RE 60 is a spacious Small Car with 95-litre under seat storage and prominent seatbelts in cabin. The high Tech Bajaj RE 60 has a digital twin spark tech engine. The good thing about this small car from Bajaj is that it is also available in fuel injected CNG variant.
Launch of RE 60 from Bajaj is slated in 2012.  The engine this car is different and is a new water-cooled DTSi 4 (Digital Twin Spark Ignition). The advantage of this engine in RE 60 is that it would be able to accelerate to a maximum speed of 70km per hour. Four people can sit in this car.
The price of RE 60 would be in the range of 135,000-175000. Bajaj has though not exposed the prices for the RE 60. This will directly compete with another ultra-low cost car Tata Nano which is currently the cheapest car in the world.
RE60 the cheapest car from Bajaj will be manufactured in Aurangabad.
Bajaj Auto has an agreement with Renault-Nissan to Manufacture RE 60 in India.  The small car from Bajaj was going to be launcged in 2011 but  got delayed due to some differences between Bajaj Auto and the partners on pricing and design.
Renault-Nissan wanted to keep the price of RE 60 at around $2,500, however Bajaj wanted a lower price comparable with Nano.
Let’s wait and watch for yet another revolution in the Indian car market.

Bajaj has made it clear that they will be targetting the three wheeler Autorickshaw market and will promote RE 60 as a four wheeler Auto Taxi.

The bookings of RE 60 will be available soon. Bajaj will announce the launch of RE 60 soon and after that you would be able to book your RE 60 Auto Car. The autorickshaw drivers are eagerly waiting for the car to come on the Indian roads. The small RE 60 will be much economical and safer that the current three wheeler auto rickshaws.

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