Monday, March 5

Earthquake in Delhi NCR North India Punjab Himachal Jammu

People experienced a severe earthquake at around 1:05 PM on 5th March 2012 in North India, Delhi, UP Punjab Himachal etc. The tremors were felt for over a minute in Noida Delhi Gurgaon and Ghaziabad.

The extent of damage by March 2012 is not known yet

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Aru said...

It was around 1:10 PM when people experienced the tremors of earthquake on March 5 2012. The earthquake came as a sudden shock and shook entire North region including Delhi NCR, UP, Punjab, HP and Jammu though it was of low intensity. The earthquake on 5 March 2012 was reported to be measuring 4.9 on the richter scale.

No Damage has been reported so far by March 5 Earthquake. Recently Delhi had done a drill and mock exercise in case of a strong earthquake.

People are more worried now because the frequency of Earthquake in Delhi and North has drastically increased in the recent past.