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What a Shame Delhi - Why it is happening in Delhi - Rape and Brutality

Child Rape in Gandhinar Delhi - Unanswered Questions - Government Please Help
As a Delhite and Indian the news was really shocking to me. Such a horrible incident of rape and brutality against a 5 year old innocent child. It is absolutely unbelievable that a human being can do such a thing to another human and that too a small girl. Kidnap and then rape and later murder attempt. Is this the society we are looking for in our country?

This is what we gathered from the media reports. A poor man's daughter is kidnapped and when he approached the Delhi Police he is made to sit in the Police station for hours. When the FIR is registered no immediate action is taken. The Police says the came into action immediately and started searching for the girl in various locations in Delhi. But the question is why would somebody kidnap a poor man's daughter when he is unable to meet his both ends meet?

Why didn't the Police visit his house after the report? Why didn't they look at the angle that the kidnapping could never be for extortion in such a case? They should have come to his place and looked for the clues right from the neighborhood? May be they would have been able to rescue the girl the same night from the clutches of that beast who had taken her captive?

The police apathy is not new and everyday number of such cases are reported where we hear about the insensitive handling of cases by the Delhi Police. On 15th April the case was reported and it was only after the family came to know that their girl is locked in the neighborhood the police came to their house.
When they found the girl in a serious state why she was not admitted in the best of the hospitals in Delhi?  Isn't it the responsibility of the Delhi Police to make sure that the AAM ADMI (Common People) get good treatment in such cases?

The doctors in the hospitals were shocked when they saw the girl. They were also shocked with the brutality. Just imagine the pain the girl must have gone through with the bottles and candles inserted into her private parts. The person who did it do not even deserve to exist in this world.

Why the government has this laidback attitude of making a strong law for the rapists? Above all why the implementation of the law is so ridiculous that people have no fear of law? Why doesn’t the government make the punishment so harsh that should act as a deterrent?

Why is that Police is always reluctant to file an FIR? Why is that there performance based of the numbers? Less the number of cases more efficient they are, is the reason they try to avoid registering cases in the police stations. It is high time that some heads start rolling now. If such incidents happen make the boss accountable and sack him. Why can’t our government do that.

The incident would have gone unnoticed had the media and Aam Aadmi Party not highlighted it. It is alleged that the police tried to give some money to the father of the victim and keep his mouth shut. Is this the future we are looking for? Where are we heading? Is the law only for the rich in our country?
Why don’t our PM come forward and give a statement that enough ir enough now and lets stop this now and forever? Why is that the politicians take these incidents as an opportunity to garner votes? Where is the opposition when it comes to make a stringent law for the rapists?

Lot of promises were made by the government after the Nirbhaya case. A positive change was expected after the huge protests by the public in December 2012. What is the end result? Number of rape cases have increased manifolds and still nothing has changed.

Tomorrow again the politicians will come and give statements and try to get publicity out of this horrible and unfortunate incident but when it will actually come to making the law they will throw chairs and tear the papers inside the Parliament and nothing will change. This is the perception of a common man in India that Nothing will change. But each and every individual in the country now is full of wrath and you never no if the situation will turn worse everybody will come to streets. What will government do when over a billion people come to the streets and gather in front of India gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan? Will they be able to control them by tear gases and water canons or even by firing at them? Would they be able to stop them from entering the parliament?

As a responsible citizen no one would like to see this happens but for how long a citizen has to suffer? Why not take a stand right now and stop all this for good?

Every day you see molestations, rapes, murder, dacoity, kidnapping and so many other crimes in Delhi. Who is responsible for that? I hope that the government should take this incident very seriously and act now because time is passing by and they should not test the patience of the people now. High time to act now and take firm decisions. We still have hopes and believe that things will be alright and women and children are safe in Delhi in the comings months and years and in fact for ever.

Why the fast track court in Nirbhaya case on back track now? Why don’t the culprits punished so that the sick minded people have some fear?

Lets hope we have a happy living in Delhi and India. Then only we will feel proud and say that we are living in Dildaar Delhi

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