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Best Unexplored Places Near Delhi - Planning a holiday to Madhya Pradesh - Best Weekend Destination in MP

Planning Holiday from Delhi to Madhya Pradesh

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Are you in Delhi and looking for an option to spend an exciting and action packed vacation near by? Do you want to know the best and unexplored places other than hills near Delhi? Most people from Delhi, Noida, UP, Gurgaon, Haryana Chandigarh Punjab plan their trip to hills near by in Himachal Pradesh or Uttaranchal. 

No doubt the holiday in Himachal and other hill stations is always memorable because of the serene beauty of the places. However what next and where to go when you have already visited the hills? Do you know that there are so many exciting and exquisite places to spend your vacation near Delhi?

One such state which is less explored by Delhites is Madhya Pradesh. MP is known for its huge treasure of heritage and natural beauty apart from wildlife and adventure sports.

This time when you are not able to decide on the destination for your holiday then here is the tip for you. Plan your vacation to Madhya Pradesh without a second thought. MP has enough that will make your holiday enjoyable and will keep you busy. 

For the adventure lovers there are lot of options right from boating along the gigantic rocks at Bedaghats to Paragliding and numerous trekking trails that would be enough for you to experience an adrenaline rush.
Here are some places of interest for adventure lovers who are planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh
Panchmari in MP

One of the beautiful towns in MP is famous for the natural landscapes and serene beauty, is located in the Saptura mountain ranges. Panchmari is also a famous destination for Bollywood movies. Many films have been shot here. 

Panchmari is a treasure house of archaeological wonders because of the long and beautiful mountain trails. You would be astonished to see the cave shelters in the Mahadeo Hills where you can see the rock paintings.
Parasailing in MP

Panchmari is not only the favorite destination for its natural beauty but it is also visited by the adventure sports lovers who have the option for trekking and Parasailing.

Bedaghat in Madhya Pradesh – Get a different Boating experience
The natural beauty of Bedaghat is mesmerizing. You would love to see the glittering marble rocks at Bedaghat rising to a 100 feet on either side of Narmada.

You can have your lifetime boating experience in the Narmada River. The boating becomes more exciting because of the gigantic limestone rocks on both sides of Narmada. 

The boating experience in the moon light is breathtaking and amazingly beautiful. In the moon light you will feel like sailing on the sheet of silver with glittering marbles on both the side of Namada. The experience is utterly magical.

River rafting in Orchha Madhya Pradesh

Orchha is few Kms from Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh. The place is famous for Orchha fort and River Rafting.
Before you reach Orchha you will get excited to see the forts, Chhatris (Cenotaphs) from far. Orchha fort and Temple is located nearby. 

After visiting the two places you can plan for the exciting river rafting session in Orchha. The Betwa River welcomes you in Orccha and makes a scenic environment for the nature lovers. The rapids take you through a wonderful and enchanting journey through downstream Kanchan Ghat. 

You would be more delighted in the second leg of rapids up Note Ghat. You would see the enthralling Betwa joins the Jamuni River and there would be more adrenaline rush when the water current of the two rivers will give you faster and thrilling Rapids. The Rafting trip in Orchha covers the exquisite journey of 3 kilometers and takes about 45 minutes.

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