Monday, March 17

Why is everybody after Arvind Kejriwal and AAP

Media Vs Arvind Kejriwal
It seems that some section of media has really taken a U-Turn and and has started a negative campaign against Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. As a common man this is what I have been observing from the past one month. If you watch some channels like Zee News Media, India News and India TV it is very obvious that there is great bias when they are criticizing Kejriwal. They are forming their own opinion and even so judgmental about everything what Arvind is doing.

I used to be a great fan of all these channels earlier but now they have made it clear what is their agenda so I am losing interest in watching their programmes. I am sure there are millions like me who have the same feelings.

People who has ZEE TV owned Dish TV connection were not even aware of India TV News channel.
It was running as a trial channel after channel number 1500. But all of a sudden when this Anti AAP campaign started Zee TV owned Dish TV has given a special space and number to India TV news channel just after Zee News.

The body language and expressions and the comments of the anchors of Zee News India TV and India News are totally different when they are talking about Kejriwal and AAP. It seems as if they have some personal grudges against AAP.

People watching these channels are smart enough and they understand their ulterior motives and mala fied intentions.

The Prime Miniterial Candidates of the two major parties are not at accessible to media. The Media personnel not even get closer to them leave apart that they would be able to take their interview. I have never seen any channel asking Narendra Modi any question because the media cannot even go 20 meters close to him. have you ever seen the media cameras chasing Rahul Gandhi and asking questions. They cannot because they cannot go beyond certain limit. Times now still boats of the interview of Rahul Gandhi, the first ever interview.

During most of the Modi rallys the live media coverage is provided to the channels by the BJP itself and same is the case for Rahul Gandhi Rallys.

Now who is left for the media? He is our aam aadmi Kejriwal who is open to common man and media wherever he goes. He travels like a common man, talks like a common man, and wish to change the system. If the media feels that Arvind Kejriwal do all the things for media coverage then why are you covering him? Why your cameramen chasing him wherever he goes? In Mumbai also the chaos was not because of the supporters but because Arvind Kejriwal was followed by media vehicles right from the airport to the local train and other areas.

The congress, BJP and other parties have given tickets to so many tainted people and some of them have serious corruption and criminal charges. Why these channels are not highlighting these issues? Why don't these channels bring out the report cards of the existing MPs, ministers and let the people decide.

In fact none of the major parties took AAP seriously during the Delhi Assembly elections in 2013. They have seen the result and faced the music. Now it seems that these parties have taken AAP very seriously and leaving no stone unturned. They are using all sort of tactics to malign the image of Kejriwal and AAP.

I don't know how true Kejriwal's statement about media is but I am sure people like me can smell the rat.
In my opinion the media should be fair and should not be judgmental. It should bring the facts so that people are benefited from it. It is their right to question the politicians and government and it is media only which has unearthed so many scams in India. It is media only who has brought into notice so many things which have ultimately resulted in the development of the country and society.

I have heard this word PAID MEDIA but I am not sure whether it is true. If at all it exists then it is not good for the society as a whole.

Kejriwal should also understand that giving a generic statement about the media will not do any good for him. He should also be cautious while talking informally like Aam Aadmi because there may be someone from the opposition camp recording what he is saying even on a lighter note.

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