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Why should I Vote AAP - General Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Why should I Vote Aam Aadmi Party in the Coming Assembly Election in Delhi?
I have been following the AAP since its inception. Even before that I was part of ANNA Movement in Delhi as a common man.  The August 2011 movement in fact is responsible for the revolutionary change in the mindset of the Common Man. Earlier except for criticizing the government and the corrupt politicians we did not think of changing the system which is almost non-functional as far as honest practices and ethics are concerned. 

The only thing we did was discuss the corruption issues among a group and get back to our daily chores. The Aam Aadmi felt so helpless that he had convinced himself that he has to live with this system which is full of corruption, controlled by some powerful politicians and government protected goons. He cannot do anything except for voting one party after five years and watch the corrupt practices. The Aam Aadmi had just one or two options to vote and both the parties had miserably failed to help the common man.

Aam Aadmi had no option, no hope as he was so busy making his ends meet with so much of difficulty. It was his compulsion of life that he could not raise his voice against corruption and wrong deeds of the Governments of all the parties.

What an Aam Aadmi want from his elected government? Good infrastructure and roads, low inflation rate, good law and order, criminal free society, free movement with the family without any fear, employment, good education to their children, what else. I don’t think a common man in India has too many expectations from the Government. He wants to live in peace with proper implementation of law and order. He want a small job and a corruption free government departments. 

Today if I have to make a driving license, no matter how efficient driver I am, I would not be able to get a licence. Without bribe it is very difficult. If I have to make a passport I will have to struggle a lot without the help of an agent who have nexus with the Babus inside the passport office. Various news channels have proved this in their sting operations but the system is still the same.

I am not surprised that in my colony these days’ roads are being repaired on war footing. The elections are about to be announced and it is not a coincidence. Some roads which don’t even require any repair are being dug and repaired again. We can see big posters and hoardings at the site that the work is being done by the local MLA and MP. The public is not a fool Mr MP and Mr MLA. Where were you all these 5 years? Can you tell us to whom you have given the contracts for this work? Can you share the details of the money spent and work done? 

We will not be surprised that after 3 months when the elections are over the condition of these roads will again be the same because we do not believe that the work is done honestly. This is the perception a common man has for the politicians now because they have proved time and again that they cannot live without corruption. The scams, tainted ministers, MLAs, MPs, Criminals in politics, interference in the departments where the politicians have no role to play and nexus with Goons etc,etc. All these things are so common in our society that a common man fears to raise his voice. 

There are numerous examples where the honest bureaucrats or whistleblowers were killed, murdered, or stopped from doing their duties by suspending them or transferring them.

It is evident and well reported by news channels and news papers that common man is always afraid of police whereas the criminals have a good raport with the police and politicians. If an Aam Aadmi go to police for a complaint, it is highly likely that he would be sent back and would not be listened to by the people sitting there. It is surprising that even in the heinous crimes like rapes and sexual assault the police is reluctant to file an FIR and first try to convince the victim not to report it. 

Where should a common man go then? Now he has got a platform where he can be part of the group to make a radical change in the system. He is no longer feeling helpless and has a ray of hope in the form of AAP. Aam Aadmi Party, he thinks has the capability to change this system which is rotten now and AAP has that will to wipe out the corruption which is so deep rooted in our country. 

Anna’s Janlokpal Bill will be passed within few days coming into the power would be an achievement and will definitely serve as a deterrent for the corruption. The matter of the fact is even if half of the corruption comes under control we can see a sea change in our society. I am sure AAP would religiously work on bringing down the corruption. 

Let us vote for a change this time. Vote AAP and that would be the real change because you have seen both the parties ruling simultaneously in Delhi. You have also seen their performance. So changing one and bringing the other will do no good for you. They are part of the same coin. Let us vote for Aam Aadmi Party and be a part of the system to change the system.

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