Monday, April 7

Open Letter to Mr Narendra Modi - Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP

Open Letter to Mr Narendra Modi from a Common Man

Dear Mr Modi,

I have been following your excellent, impressive and aggressive speeches for the past six months. There is no doubt that you are the only face in BJP which can pull out huge crowds in your rally. The crowd is coming out in thousands and lakhs to listen to your speeches and to support you. However we will only come to know on 16th whether this crowd of common people have actually voted for BJP.

I am a common salaried man and before I vote I have some questions to you Mr Modi.

Question No 1. Last month I have been to Gujarat and found many positives. The roads are well maintained, there is no big issue of power in Gujarat, though in many places clean and regular supply of water is still a problem. Crime rate is less and I observed that you can also freely roam around in the night. However corruption is still a challenge in Gujarat. The state is so called Dry state and there are no official wine Shops or bars in Gujarat but country wine is freely available which has so far claimed thousands of lives in Gujarat.
Mr Modi despite all your efforts to keep Gujarat free from alcohol why have you failed in controling the supply of country made liquor and smuggling of liquor from the neighboring states. Have you ever thought of the corruption involved in all these activities. Have you ever taken strict action against the officaials invin olved in this. If yes then why this liquor busines still flourishing in Gujarat?

If you come to power and I wish you come with absolute majority, what would you do to stop corrupt practices in India? The AAP has been committed to bring the Jan Lokpal Bill and they have to some extent struck the right chord but what are your plans to curb the corruption in India. You say you will not allow corruption but please tell us how?

Question No 2. Mr Modi, the common man has very small dreams and he is happy if he makes his ends meet and live peacefully in his home. Mehngai or Inflation is such that it is becoming difficult for a common man to survive and live a good life and at the same time have a better education for his children. You have mentioned in your speeches that the government has not been able to control inflation and the policies of the current government are responsible for this. I have not got any convincing statement from you on how you would control inflation. How would you tackle the issue of inflation and price rise in India

Question No 3. How would you generate employment in this country? Congress gave this country MNREGA and I appreciate this step taken by UPA for the employment generation in this country. It has really helped millions of people in India to earn some money at their home towns or villages. The only drawback according to me with MNREGA is, with this the poor can eat only two meals every day with his family. However he will never be able to get his children educated in good schools or raise his living standard. The time has come that we think some employment generation beyond MNREGA. The people of this country will remain poor otherwise resulting in illiteracy and unemployment further.

How would you tackle this issue of unemployment. Please let us know your plans for the poor and lower middle class. The employment means bringing down the gap between the poor and the rich in this country. The disparity is so high and in my opinion this is one of the strong reasons for crime in India.

Question No 4. What is your take on the reservation policy in India? Do you still feel that reservation should be based on cast or religion? Will your Government if formed would have the courage to come up with new reservation policy which is not based on cast or religion? Would you still continue with the Vote bank politics or amend some laws in favour of the country as a whole?

Question No 5. What are your views about criminals entering politics?Would you vouch for keeping criminals out of the Parliament? In 2014 elections there are hundreds of candidates facing severe criminal charges and they might win elections and come to parliament. Even in your party you have given tickets to people who are facing many criminal charges. Would you come up with a law that all these people if convicted will be thrown out of parliament immediately. Would you take a decision that the cases pending against the Parliamentarians and politicians will be taken up in special courts and solved in a specific period may be within a year?

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