Tuesday, May 13

Worst Ever experience with TREO CHEVROLET

My Vehicle was picked on 6th May 2014 by TREO CHEVROLET OKHLA DELHI. However till date I have not got my vehicle back. The service was due and at the same time there was some damage and I had requested the Bajaj Allianz to let me know the details.

After 8 days there is no information and when I spoke to the people and asked about the details all of them were very rude and now when asked them to send my vehicle back, they are more than eager to send it back without doing either the service or damage repair.

This is so disgusting and now I am regretting to purchase this vehicle from TREO CHEVROLET OKHLA DELHI.

I had simply requested a tentative amount that I have to pay and all of them were so rude that they said first let us repair the vehicle send you the bill and you will come to know

Now I am not sure I will get my vehicle in the same condition as the people over there at Treo Chevrolet workshop are very rude

BAJAJ ALLIANZ IS EVEN MORE DISGUSTING. The people and customer service never respond to the grievance or complaints. They are least bothered about the customers. I regret getting my car insured by BAJAJ ALLIANZ and would never do this mistake again. 

before taking any decision on buying Insurance from BAJAJ ALLIANZ please go through numerous complaints by customers on the internet. Most of them are not at all happy with the BAJAJ ALLAINZ.

I had my worst ever experience in my life with TREO CHEVROLET and BAJAJ ALLIANZ this month.

Till the time of writing this article there is no response either from the TREO CHEVROLET or from BAJAJ ALLIANZ

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