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Nursery Admissions 2018-2019 Tips for your Child's Interview/Personality Development

Delhi NCR Nursery Admissions 2018 - Tips for your Child's Interview/Personality Development
The Nursery Admissions in Delhi Noida Gurgaon and NCR region are going on. All the parents are worried and anxiuos about the admissions of their wards in Nursery class. There are number of good schools in Delhi NCR but most of the parents want their child to admit in all these reputed schools. This results in more applications as compared to the number of seats available for Nursery.

The schools in Delhi Noida have their set parameters for admissions and though there is no formal interviews of the child for Nursery Admissions but there is always an interaction session with the students along with the parents.

There are few things parents can remember and try to teach the kids about how to answer the general queries of the teachers in the school. The child need to have basic information in order to make an impression.

Nursery Admission 2018-2019 Tips for your Child's Interview/Personality Development

Your child must be able to tell his/her name clearly. Make your child learn his/her date of birth.

Make him/her learn by heart father's and mother's name

Make your child learn and say his/her residential address quickly

Your child must remember your phone/mobile number

Ask your child about his/her best sport

Ask about his/her favourite toy, TV Program, favourite fruit, colour, vegetable etc.

Ask your child to name things available in your house.

Make him/her learn the names and age of the siblings.

He/she must tell clearly the name of the current school.

Make him/her learn hi/her best friend's name

Parents must encourage the child to use Hello, Bye, Thank you etc

Inculcate the habbit of sayingGood Morning/Good Afternoon

Make your child confident and bold in answering the questions. Practice is the only way.

Make him/her understand the different colors, different fruits

Make him/her learn days of the week and name of the months

Make him/her understand traffic lights and their significance

Make him understand makes of common vehicles

Help him/her recognise various shapes like square, trainge, circle etc.

Make your child learn by heart some easy rhymes/short stories

In order to practice the interview and to make your child confident get him/her interviewed by strangers.

Prapare your child in advance about the interview.

Help him/her understand that the teachers or the person interacting with him/her are very nice and polite so he/she need to be polite while replying.

Give your child whatever he/she is asking for just before the interview so that his/her mood is not spoiled before the interaction.

Take your child to the school 3-4 days prior to the interview or interaction.

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