Monday, September 25

Why you should not post political content on Facebook and Social Media

Why you should not post about Politics on your Facebook Wall

Expressing my views with All due regards and No offence to anyone

Some people are in habit of expressing their political views on Facebook or social media. People from all parties be it their propagandists or supporters feel that their 2000 odd friends on facebook or 1000 odd twitter followers will turn the table for them. I suggest such people to kindly work on the ground level if they really want to help their parties.

You need to understand that your irritating rhetoric is not going to change someone’s political beliefs on Facebook. You can keep on playing the broken record but that is not going to work. You’re just wasting your time.

Please don’t ruin everyone’s experience on Facebook with your rants and copy pasted misleading or fake content.

I personally believe that Facebook is to laugh, have fun and converse with friends and family. Whenever I need to know more about politics I will watch the news channels. Believe me there’s enough political coverage by over 50 news channels in our country.

Few of you may disagree with me. And that’s fine. You have every right to disagree.

Contributed by
Rajesh Rana

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