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2016-2017 New Year Celebration in Delhi

Celebrate Christmas and New Year 2016-2017 in Delhi – Drive Carefully
Delhi is eagerly waiting for the New Year Eve 2016. The Delhites are geared up to celebrate the arrival of the New Year and to say good bye to 2013. Most of the companies whose clients are based in UK and USA have already announced total shutdown from 23th December till 1st January 2017. Thus the people have option to go for a long break during the New Year 2016.
There are many options in Delhi to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Almost all the star Hotels in Delhi are offering New Year Packages in Delhi and have one celebrity or the other to perform during the New Year Eve. You can plan your New Year celebrations at the various Farm Houses in Delhi and resorts as well.
However there is a great concern as well during the New Year Celebrations. And that is combining the deadliest of the combinations (Drink and Drive).  Everybody must ensure that the New Year Celebrations do not go haywire or turn into a nightmare so the first thing to avoid is driving after you are drunk.
Delhi Police have made all the arrangements to curb the menace and would be there in every nook and corner of the city to prosecute the offenders. However it should not be the fear for prosecution, it should be the sense of responsibility that we do not drink and drive.
You can hire a driver for the night or take one friend along who do not drink and who can drive. Driving in the inebriated condition is not only risky for your life but also a threat to the lives of innocents on the roads. Just think about the people who are waiting for you before you drive rash and drive drunk. You may be best of the drivers in the world but that does not guarantee that you may not falter so be careful especially on the New Year Eve.
Enjoy the New Year Party in Delhi and have the sweet fond memories rather than a bitter experience for ever.
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