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Important General Knowledge and Awareness Questions - GK for MBA, Army, Bank Exams

GK Questions for MBA, Banking, Indian Army, Engineering, Police Bharti, Clerks Entrance Examination

Are you preparing for the Indian Army NDA, CDS or other exams? Do you aim to join one of the B-Schools in India? Do you want to prepare for your GK exam? Below are some of the important general awareness and GK questions which you will find helpful in preparing for the Army Exam, CDS, NDA, Banking or MBA and other similar examinations. If you are preparing for any competitive exam you need to improve your GK. These questions with answers will definitely help you a lot.

  1. Westside is the name of the retail store of
    Ans: Tatas
  2. The map that appears on the Mobile phones now a days is a very good example of
    Ans: GIS
  3. Bangalore airport is an example of
    Ans: Joint venture of the government and the foreign investment
  4. What exactly are yellow pages?
    Ans: They are all product. Brand, papers an d all
  5. Spectramind is the BPO of
    Ans: Wipro
  6. What is LIBOR
    Ans: Interest rate
  7. What is the primary function of SEBI?
    Ans: To regulate the stock market
  8. Which of the following is a tata group companies' correct combination
    Ans: Tata Elexi, CMC, Nelco and Voltas was the correct option
  9. Ficci chairman for 2005 -06
    Ans: O.S. Kanwar
  10. Parachute is the name of the brand of
    Ans: Marico Industries
  11. Which of the following statement is correct regarding the VAT that was implemented in April 2005 India?
    Ans: It replaced the sales tax
  12. According to FORTUNE which of the following was ranked as number 1 company in 2005 in the world?
    Ans: Wal Mart
  13. Who is the governor of RBI?
    Ans: Y.V. Reddy
  14. Whistle blowers award was constituted after the murder of
    Ans: Satyadev Dubey
  15. What is the reason that determines the international rate of the currency?
    Ans: The stability of the Economy
  16. The sponsorer of the England cricket team
    Ans: Vodafone
  17. Kyoto Protocol relates to
    Ans: Cutting the emission of the green house gases was asked
  18. 17th parallel separates which countries
    Ans: S& North Korea
  19. The topmost competitive economy of the world according to the WEF 's Competitiveness Index for 2005-2006
    Ans: Finland
  20. The CDMA Service of BSNL was asked
    Ans: Tarang
  21. The place nearest to the epicenter of the recent Pakistan earthquake was asked
    Ans: Mujaffarabad (the capital of POK)
  22. The name of the medium range surface to surface missile that was test fired successfully in Oct. 2005 was asked
    Ans: Akash
  23. Which is the biggest source of revenue to the Govt. of India?
    Ans: Central Excise duty
  24. Which of the following is incorrect about Tsunami was asked?
    Ans: The height of the waves near to the offshore was the incorrect statement
  25. Internet is controlled by
    Ans: None
  26. Who authored Straight from the Gut
    Ans: Jach F. Welch
  27. Magsaysay award is given after the President of
    Ans: Philippines
  28. In Nov 2005 the corruption scam worth $64billions and its relation was asked
    Ans: Food for oil
  29. What is Tamiflu was asked
    Ans: A drug to prevent bird flu
  30. "One by sixth of Income Tax" which of the following's possession makes you liable for being taxed
    Ans: Credit Card

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