Thursday, December 8

Miscrits an Adventure Game 2014-2015

Facebook Miscrits fever is at its peak. You must be wondering what is Miscrits? You must have heard your child discussing Miscrits game with his friends. The game has become so popular among kids that there are over 1.1 million Miscrits users in Facebook as of first week of December. Miscrits is an interesting game played especially by kids and PC game lovers on facebook these days.
You can discover the Worlds of Miscria while playing this game. Miscria is an unsolved, mysterious, miraculous and magical land which is filled with incredible and unbelievable creatures known as Miscrits. 

The game is an endless fun on facebook and you always wish to score more and cross different levels here. The adventure game, Miscrits on facebook is packed with lot of excitement and fun.
So next time if you wish to have some fun filled with adventure you can just logon to facebook and have an experience of this wonderful land.

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