Saturday, December 10

Anna Hazare Fast till death at Ralegan Sidhi Village

Anna Hazare's Fast for Lok Pal Bill against corruption

Anna Hazare has started his fast till death again on December 10 2013 at his village this time. Anna has said that he will not break his fast till the time Jan Lokpal Bill is passed in the Parliament.

Anna Hazare is on one day fast at Jantar Mantar on 11th December. Team Anna is not happy with the final Draft of Lok Pal submitted by Standing Committee. The question is why there is so back and forth with the Lok Pal bill. It is been 42 years that the Lok Pal Bill was first tabled in the parliament and could not be passed and since then it has met the same fate.

The Government representatives says Team Anna's way of protesting is unparliamentary and unfair. They cannot direct the Government to pass the Jan Lok Pal Bill according to their terms. However team Anna says the general public has the right to question the parliament and the government.

I am surprised why government is so reluctant in accepting Jan Lok Pal bill. Why the government is not ready to include the C and D grade employees with whom the general public deals. The corruption starts from the C and D level employees. If I want electric meter to be installed in my house I have to interact with the C or D level employee, Police personnel, License authorities, Ration Card, Birth certificate or death certificate, the general public has to deal with C or D level employees. It is from here that the corruption begins and it is so deep rooted that till the time there is no Strong law it cannot be curbed.

Anna Hazare is on 1 day fast at Jantar mantar. If the government will pass weak Lok Pal Bill then there will be Fast unto death from 27th December.

Anna Hazare will sit on indefinite hunger strike from 27th December and this time how the government will respond is interesting to see.

In fact there is so much anger amongst the general public against the politicians and government that this anger may burst into a full fledged protest soon and taking que from what has happened in Syria, Egypt and to Col Gaddafi. We do not want that in India and the government has to be responsible enough to understand the sentiments of general public.

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