Friday, August 10

Congress Opposed Triple Talak Bill by saying Even Lord Ram once left Sita over doubt

Now Congress Targeting Lord Rama again

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Triple Talak Bill with amendments is being tabled in Rajyasabh. The bill was passed in Lok Sabha but could not go through in Rajyasabha due to the opposition from Congress. They wanted amendments in the bill and the central government after amendments discussed the bill in Rajyasabha. 

The Congress Party is still not in favour of passing this historical bill. They have objected to it. The bill may face Rajya Sabha test now. After the appointment of NDA Nominee as deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha, It will be another major setback for opposition if the Triple Talak bill is passed in Rajya Sabha.
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In the meanwhile one of the Congress MPs who is against the Triple Talak Bill to be passed in Rajya Sabha have given a controversial statement on Lord Rama of Hindus.

The senior Congress MP Hussain Dalwai went on to comparing the sufferings of Muslim women with that of Sita Mata. He said even Goddess Sita was abandoned by Lord Rama

Leader after leader in Congress are giving controversial statements. Last month Shashi Tharoor coined the terms Hindu Pakistan, Hindu Taliban.

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