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Why Congress is hell bent on proving that it’s a Muslim Party

Will the Muslim women get their due? Congress is against the Triple Talak Bill

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Rahul Gandhi met Muslim scholars last month and assured them that Yes Congress is a Muslim Party. Why is Congress and Rahul so selective in meeting the citizens of this country?

Kapil Sibal has been appearing for the Personal Law board in Ayodhya case. Sighvi has been seen supporting Khatna in the courts.

Now again the party whose president on one side is seen talking about women empowerment is against the Triple Talak Bill in Rajya Sabha.

Mani Shankar Aiyar was pleading in front of Pakistan Media to help them oust Modi.

Though Rahul tried the soft Hindutva stand in Gujarat elections but was unable to help his party win there.

All the exercise and hard work to appease Muslims is not going to pay them fruits in the elections in 2019.

In UP the congress base is almost negligible and the Muslims are more inclined towards Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi party and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Paty. In West Bengal it is Mamata who has full support of Muslim voters. In Kerala Communist party has a strong hold among Muslims. Kashmiri muslims are more towards PDP or National Conference.

What would Congress achieve by appeasing Muslims? In fact they are campaigning for other regional parties by all their activities. In this run they are forgetting that there is a majority community from which they are distancing them from.

In 2019 the opposition is planning a Mahagathwandhan, a grand alliance of opposition parties but how it will work is still a question mark.

Mayawati’s party want her to be a PM candidate, Samajwadi party has not open their cards yet and is still silent over the PM candidate. Sharad Pawar and Mamata Bannerjee are not very comfortable with Rahul Gandhi’s candidature as PM. HD Devegauda is ok with both Rahul and Mayawati

KCR has not yet decided which side he is in right now. Same is the case with CBN.

All the efforts made by congress are limited to either appeasements or to abuse Modi. The congress leaders have still not come up with their action plan for 2019. How they are going take the nation ahead if they come into power. The narrative is clearly missing

The swing voters are still confused about the grand alliance. All in all it is not an easy task for the parties to come together and form an alliance to defeat Modi.

No Confidence Motion and recent voting for Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman has also exposed the unity of the alliance.

It will be interesting to see how the parties who were pitched against each other few years back and have different ideologies will settle for the alliance and a leader who will be acceptable to all

In sharp contrast BJP is busy at the ground level working for the people and preparing for the 2019 elections. The reforms that Modi Government has undertaken in the past years have also started yielding fruits which will be beneficial for them. Stock market is at all time high indicating that the economy of India is on the rise giving confidence to the Foreign Investors

World Bank and IMF are bullish on the Indian Growth Rate under Modi regime. The rating agencies are also upbeat, the GDP is growing quarter after quarter under this government now.

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